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  • N. S. Viswanath

    N. S. Viswanath, the promoter and Director of the company is a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University, provides strategic direction to the company. With over twenty five years of experience in IT/ITES, HR and Real Estate Services industries, he brings with him considerable business savvy and long-term view to the business environment. A successful IT entrepreneur from Bangalore, Viswanath, is a former President of leading Indian American Community Organisation in Washington DC. He is also an expert in media studies, analysis and management.

  • Dr. Vanita Viswanath

    Dr. Vanita Viswanath, the Director of the company is a MA & MPhil from JNU, Delhi. With a Ph.D. from University of Texas,she is actively promoting national and international partnerships for social entrepreneurship. Dr. Vanita is the CEO of Udyogini an organization providing business development services to poor women in the backward and remote regions of India. With many articles to her credit on a wide-range of issues including development practice, micro-enterprises and corporate-NGO partnerships, Dr. Vanita had worked with World Bank in Washington DC as Micro-enterprise Specialist.

  • Pradeep Pai H

    Pradeep Pai H, one of the promoters, presently the Chief Creative Officer & CEO of the company, was the Chief Content Officer at the Media Division of SDI\Infotech Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. He is responsible for the overall managing, developing the team and also marketing. A Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering graduate turned passionate film-maker, Pradeep is instrumental in developing strategic and tactical plans to enhance company's creative process. The face of the Company Pradeep is also responsible for communicating with customers and prospects.

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